Charging station type 5

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The type 5 charging station is an eco-friendly charging station for electric bicycles. This charging station for e-bikes is equipped with a solar panel and is able to produce energy that is stored in batteries installed in your interior.


The Type 5 charging station uses a solar panel to convert the energy of sunlight into electricity, which is stored in its built-in batteries inside the device. Thanks to this technology, it does not need an external power source and is completely self-sufficient.

For safety and charging reasons, the station has a current limit of 1 hour per charge and a pre-configured grounding system with automatic restart, plus all outputs are certified for external use with protected sockets.


  • does not require external power supply
  • the energy produced is stored at the station
  • timer button to activate charging (auto switch)
  • Vandal and weather resistant (IP55 certification).
  • allows simultaneous charging of 2 to 4 bikes.


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