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Bike rack type 8

43,75 126,25  bez DPH

Bike rack type 8 is a padjustable – allows you to adjust the position of the station according to your own preferences. In addition, the hanging station can be slid horizontally, which makes it much easier to remove and park the bike, especially when there are small gaps between the racks. The rack is also available with a bracket that allows you to attach the bike to the frame. Version with an inner width of 8 cm designed for e-bikes and other bikes with wider tyres.


Delivery 4-6 weeks (depending on stock levels)

počet stanovísk1
výška50 cm
priemer Ø 18 mm
hrúbka2 mm
materiálpozinkovaná oceľ
šírka vešiaku29 x 3,15 cala (6,6 cm),
kompatibilné s brzdovými kotúčmi do Ø 203 mm
dĺžka180 cm, profil 25 x 25 x1,5 mm
váha5 kg
montáž4 rozperné skrutky Ø 12 x 60 mm, Ø 8 x 80 mm

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