Bench without backrest type 35

Bench without backrest type 35 completely made of steel. It consists of a metal, laser-cut support structure and a properly shaped steel plate that serves as a seat.

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Two solar panels are attached to the sides of the seat to power a battery located in the space under the seat.
The battery is then connected to four USB sockets for charging smartphones and computers, one in each corner.
In addition, LED lighting can be added to the underside of the bench and a wi-fi modem can be placed in the battery compartment.

The seat is self-supporting; ground mounting is possible on request.

The metal parts are galvanised and painted with thermoset polyester powders in various RAL colours. The fittings are stainless steel.

PHOTOVOLTAIC PANEL (50 W) Mechanical stability (5400 Pascal) 36 power cells 0-5 wp

3.2 mm glass:

  • water repellent
  • hail resistant (83 km/h) – anti-reflective coating


Rated voltage system 12/24 VDC BATTERY

materialpozinkovaná a maľovaná oceľ
šírka229,8 cm
výška52 cm
hĺbka74,6 cm

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