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Interlocking column type 1

62,50 129,44  bez DPH

The locking post type 1 is equipped with a self-locking lock as standard (2 keys included) and fitted with a stopper to prevent dirt from entering the interior of the lock. It is also available in a padlock version. It is protected by a layer of zinc and powder paint. The interlock has bumpers to prevent dents and damage to the zinc and paintwork.


  • mounting screws included
  • galvanized and painted interlock coating
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • rubber bumpers to prevent damage to the lock
  • including 2 keys

Delivery 4-6 weeks (depending on stock levels)

prierez rúryØ 33,7 mm
hrúbka rúry2 mm
stopa200 x 200 x 5 mm
materiáloceľ pozinkovaná aj malovaná, nehrdzavejúca oceľ
system zamykaniana kľúč alebo vysiaci zámok
profil50 x 50 x 2mm
ukotvenie4 rozporové skrutky Ø 12 x 60 mm, 8 x 80mm

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