Bicycle lane marker type 3

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The Type 3 cycle lane divider is a modular and easy to install robust solution for separating car traffic from cycle lanes and is made from 100% recycled materials. With the solutions it brings, it is easy to adapt to new traffic flows and the needs of municipalities.


The Type 3 cycle lane marker is a traffic element used to create protected cycle lanes on the road and can be installed continuously or discontinuously. A delineator is a segregation system to improve safety and mobility for road users.

  • it is a flexible system that can be adapted in the event of changes in urban development and mobility in the area in which it is installed
  • bike lane dividers can be adapted to each type of road and to the needs of the area
  • the entire system is designed to minimise environmental impact and its components are made from recycled materials
  • it is designed to provide high visibility, thereby maximising safety in the cycle lane and on the roads on which it is installed

Delivery 4-6 weeks (depending on stock levels)

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