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Fountain type 01

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Fountain type 01 is an elegant addition to the urban infrastructure.


Delivery 4-6 weeks (depending on stock levels)

The fountain consists of a square steel tubular structure 150 x 150 mm, 1000 mm high, which is closed at the top with a steel cap fixed with two screws, so that it can be easily removed for the installation and maintenance of the tap. A 250 x 250 mm square plate with 4 holes is welded to the base for fixing the structure to the ground with expansion dowels.

All steel parts are hot-dip galvanized and painted with thermosetting polyester powders.

The nickel-plated brass faucet has a pivot button with a normally closed return spring and is connected to a stainless steel pipe with a 1/2″ threaded end for connection to the mains water supply.

The drain is made entirely of painted cast iron and consists of two parts, a 450 x 265 frame for embedding in the ground (or on top of the water tank) and a 50 mm thick grid that is removable for easy cleaning.

materiálpozinkovaná a maľovaná oceľ
šírka67,7 cm
výška10,08 cm
hĺbka22 cm

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