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Lockable bike shelter CYKLOSAFE COMPACT

CYKLOSAFE COMPACT is a modular lockable shelter, the basic version of which consists of two modules with a footprint of 6.24 x 2.24 m, with one module having a footprint of 3.12 x 2.24 m. The basic version of CYKLOSAFE COMPACT provides secure parking for 24 bicycles and each additional module expands the capacity by another 12 parking spaces.   Price of CYKLOSAFE COMPACT from: 27.800 € without VAT   !!! PRICE INCLUDES BIKE RACKS !!


The supporting structure of the shelter consists of a galvanized steel structure in a colour of your choice. The CYKLOSAFE COMPACT is a fully clad single storey structure with a height of 2.8m, with its side walls and rear wall made up of steel frames with mesh infill or full infill.

The front wall of the basic version consists of a retractable double-leaf gate, through which access to the shelter is secured. The roofing of the shelter consists of a flat roof made of trapezoidal sheet metal with a slope of 8°, falling into rain gutters. The shelter can be connected to direct electricity. Another option is to situate photovoltaic panels on the roof of the shelter, which provide electrical power and therefore allow the continuous operation of the shelter system even without a direct connection to the power grid. The building is not heated, due to the design solution is ventilated directly through the building envelope.

Entrance to the building is secured through the aforementioned gates with an electric doorman. The user must first authorize himself when entering the facility – whether by magnetic key, identification card or other sophisticated means. In addition to the sturdy construction of the shelter, the high level of security of locking the bicycles is ensured by the entry based on authorization (chip card, electromagnetic key, etc., which are protected by our company against their counterfeiting). The inside of the shelter is illuminated and the bike shelter is connected to the camera system. Part of the security system is also the delivery of software used to synchronize all security elements (electrical authorization, camera). The software was developed by our company.

We are now using mainly bunk racks in our bike shelters, which allows for optimal use of the room size, as the bikes are stored in two parking levels. The above bunk stands are available in single-sided and double-sided versions. In order to make it easier to put the bicycle on the upper parking space, we supply the above racks with a mounted hydraulic mechanism, which helps the person putting his bicycle on the upper rack to push his bicycle out without much effort.

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