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Modular rack type 17 for 03 bicycles

Modular rack type 17 for 3 bicycles made of Ø 48 mm tubes and fixed to the base with U-profile 60 x 30. It can form long parking areas.

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Delivery 4-6 weeks (depending on stock levels)

Completely removable, easy to assemble on-site, must be recessed into the ground. Each arch has two reflective strips kl.1 for better identification in the dark. The starter arch (and end arch if modular) is taller and a 40 x 60 mm table can be used on request.

The entire structure is galvanised and powder coated according to the standard RAL colour range.

It can be positioned flat or tilted up to 45° depending on the usable space, suitable for schools or stations where safety and functionality are essential elements.

materiálpozinkovaná a maľovaná oceľ
šírka160 cm
výška128 cm
hĺbka80 cm

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