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Bicycle rack type 5 for 18 bicycles

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Bicycle rack type 5 for 18 bicycles with its customized design is an excellent alternative for bike rooms where wall-mounted hangers are limited or undesirable. Thanks to the use of the design, the hangers can be placed virtually anywhere in the room without interfering with the cycling room wall. The rack is equipped with handles that allow the protection of bicycles with any type of fastening.


Delivery 4-6 weeks (depending on stock levels)

počet stanovísk18
výška50 cm
priemer Ø 18 mm
hrúbka2 mm
rozmery nosnej konštrukcie [šírka x hĺbka x výška]613 x 111 x 202 cm
materiálpozinkovaná oceľ
dĺžka180 cm, profil 25 x 25 x1,5 mm
profil nosnej konštrukcie40 x 40 x 2 mm
šírka vešiaku29 x 2,6 cala (6,6 cm),
kompatibilné s brzdovými kotúčmi do Ø 203 mm

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