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Bike rack type 9

24,40  bez DPH

Bike rack type 9 for one bike with a chain that allows the bikes to be attached to the frame with any type of fastening. Its main advantage is the possibility of adjusting the position of the hanger in the horizontal plane. This makes the hanger perfect for local constraints. It is a practical and versatile solution for storing bikes in small and large bowling alleys. The rack is also equipped with a rear wheel mounting sleeve, which allows you to stabilize the rear of the bike and prevent dirt from getting on the wall.


Delivery 4-6 weeks (depending on stock levels)

počet stanovísk1
výška80 cm
hĺbka 50 cm
profil25 x 25 x 1,5 mm
kryt rukovätíguma
materiáloceľ pozinkovaná, guma
nosnosť25 kg
montáž4 rozperné skrutky Ø 12 x 60 mm, Ø 8 x 80 mm

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